Signature Electrical Solutions Ltd offers free estimates. 

Our estimate includes:

Price & payment terms

Accurate description of the work

Finish date

Additional expenses


Estimates are determined by the type of job you want done, and are calculated based on materials and hours required.

An itemized estimate is more likely to be given for repairs, upgrades or additions to an existing service.

Description of Work

Your estimate includes a clear and detailed description of exactly what is to be done. If you don’t understand what something means, we encourage you to ask questions.

Completion Date

Your estimate will include a ballpark date of  completion. On new or very large jobs, this date can vary by a few days to a week or two due to weather, availability of materials, and the  schedule of electrical inspectors.                      

                     Additional Expenses                      

Additional expenses and known existing conditions  will be noted on the estimate. This can include construction permits.                       

The electrical estimate serves as your contract. You will receive a hard copy document with all of the above information.